1943 1C Lincoln Wheat Cent Blank Planchet Zinc Coated Steel TY 1 & Curved Clip Error !

A neat (1943) Lincoln wheat steel cent that has been designated by NGC to be a (1943) 1c Zinc-Coated Steel Planchet (2.6G), with Curved Clip Mint Error. This planchet is entirely blank throughout both sides. NGC is assuming that it was minted in 1943 because this was the only year these steel cents were mass-produced. We have never offered a coin quite like this one before that has been certified by NGC. A very interesting double mint error coin. Another interesting fact about this coin is that on this double Mint Error, NGC erroneously spelt coated as 'CATED' on their label.
More Information
Ebay Price 695.00
Grading Service NGC
PCGS # 2711
Year of Issue 1943
Denomination Type Lincoln Cent
Mint Location Philadelphia
Strike Type Business
Circ/UnCirc Uncirculated
Grade Add On NONE
Holder Type N/A

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