July New Purchases  & Market Review!
The Coin Market Stabilizes & Values Hold Strong:
Thank you for all your continued support! We have had a great deal of business recently with our returning clients and appreciate all of you! 
· Our website orders, eBay orders, and direct orders have all continued to stay strong. There has been a slight drop in sales online, but the shows we have attended have more than made up for the difference.
· All shows have been a “Sellers’ Market” as there are many more people looking to buy than to sell!
· Most all coin values have stabilized at their prices or have been still increasing with the strong demand in the coin market. 
· Key date and better date coins continue to become harder and harder to find! This has remained to be the case at all shows we have attended. 
· Many new collectors have still continued to enter the market.
· More shows have opened recently and the public attendance has been very strong!
What is on the Horizon of the U.S Coin Market? 
West Coast Coins still believes that the Coin Market will continue to stay strong, and values will continue to rise or at least remain at their current levels. We have noticed that quality material seems harder to come by as each month passes. We have continued to notice a huge decline of all U.S Coins on the market with dealers purchasing very aggressively to replenish their diminished inventories. Most dealers have continued having an extraordinarily hard time maintaining normal inventory levels. 
July is a month filled with Coin Shows!
West Coast Coins currently has three coin shows coming up this month and will be setting up at two of them! Please view our shows by clicking on our ‘Show’ tab on the front page of our website! Here are the two we will be setting up at but additional information is available on our ‘Show link’. 
1st Show: The FUN Coin Show July 8th-10th 
2nd Show: PCGS Members Only Show July 14th-16th 
West Coast Coins has listed Over 200+ New Purchases!
Our team at West Coast Coins has been working diligently to provide hundreds of new offerings to our clients! We now have over 1,000 certified coins to list along with thousands of raw coins! We really have appreciated many of our past clients doing trade deals with us as well as selling us their duplicates during this time!   
West Coast Coins is BuyingSelling & Trading
· Looking to Buy? We have an awesome variety of U.S Coins to choose from! 
· Looking to Sell? We are looking to buy material as items have been selling fast for us.  
· Looking to Trade? If you do not have funds but would like an item we are offering, we are happy to try and work out a trade with you!  
West Coast Coins will do our best so we can do serve you!