About Us

The owner, Revick Galstaun, has bought and sold coins since age 16, when he was looking to an investment he could earn a profit on. In his early years he started saving his money and was seeking to find something that would serve as a wise investment. One day, when his mother asked him to put some ‘odd’ nickels in her change jar he discovered what silver war nickels were. He purchased them from her before knowing and afterwards did some research. When discovering that they were worth much more than a nickel because of their silver composition this sparked his interest for buying and selling US coins.
Revick started a collection Lincoln wheat cents and early Canadian large cents first while purchasing large quantities of bulk Lincoln wheat cents. He noticed that many dealers didn’t have the time to search through the bags thoroughly and could often find many coins worth $1-$10 each that he paid three cents each for. He then started to build partial sets and started listing auctions up on Ebay.
Over the last 7 years Revick Galstaun has become a full-time dealer and typically attends 30-40 coin shows a year traveling from coast to coast all over the United States. He now specializes in quality US coins and any seated liberty coinage. He now carries a wide range of inventory in all different price ranges for both the novice and the veteran collector.

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